Fire Prevention Contractor Application (PRINT ONLY)

Please PRINT this form and submit it to Sun City Fire Administration Building, 18602 N. 99th Ave. Sun City, AZ 85373. Please include all necessary Certifications and Payment. ($75 Application fee)

Part One

Part Two

Business Certification

Part Three

Services and Systems

Part Four

I (we) hereby make application for a permit to provide the products and/services described above, pursuant to The International Fire and Building Code, (IFC and IBC). I (we) agree to service, install and/or repair fire protection equipment in accordance with the applicable provisions of the International Fire Code and the appropriate standards of the National Fire Protection Association. I (we) further understand that issuance of approval does not constitute recommendation of my (our) company by the Sun City Fire and Medical Department and I (we) agree not to use such permit in said manner.
* Required

Written Statement

Provide a written statement, on company letterhead and signed by a responsible party of the company, that states the following (cut and paste); [INSERT COMPANY NAME], agrees that persons involved in the design, installation, modification, or inspection of any Fire Protection Equipment within the Sun City Fire District shall be certified for the stated discipline or receive direct supervision by a certified individual.