The Sun City Fire and Medical Department (SCFMD) loans child Booster seats to the residents of the Fire District on a temporary first come, first served basis. To request a booster seat, please call (623) 974-2321.

SCFMD no longer participates in the Car Seat Loaner Program, please contact Surprise Fire Department at 623-222-5000 if you are in need of a Car Seat.

Did you know …

  • The number one killer of children in Arizona is motor vehicle crashes?
  • One simple item could help save countless children is a properly installed child safety seat?
  • Four out of every five child car seats are installed incorrectly?
  • One third of children are riding in the wrong restraints for their age and size?
  • Over 1/3 of children use the wrong restraint for their size and age?
  • Children 5-8 years old should be riding in belt-positioning booster seats?

If you see an unbuckled child in a moving vehicle, call 1-800-505-BABY, be prepared to provide:

  • the license number and state on the car,
  • the city where the violation occurred,
  • the location of the child (front seat, driver’s lap, etc.)

The vehicle owner will receive a letter saying that an unbuckled child was observed, and that the law requires children under five to be properly secured. The letter is not a ticket, but serves as a chance to inform the owner of the vehicle about keeping children safe in the car.

For more information please visit the Arizona Government of Highway Safety.