Sun City Fire Medical Dept
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SCFMD Administration Evaluation

  • Administration Performance Evaluation

    The purpose of the performance review process is to provide a record of the employee’s job performance, to encourage professional growth, and to provide an opportunity for open dialogue between the member and their supervisors. Evaluations should consider, but are not limited to, representative duties, quality of work, interpersonal skills, previously set goals and future expectations. The Self-Assesment section shall be completed by the employee in July of every year.
  • Self- Assessment

  • (Examples: clear direction, access to my supervisor, tools/equipment, software, training).
    • a. Safety in my workplace
    • b. Proper use of District software, equipment & tools
    • c. District policies and procedures
  • Examples:
    • • Returning all calls/emails within a goal time
    • • Simplifying a customer process
    • • Improving customer materials
    • • Increasing status reports to colleagues and customers
  • Examples:
    • • Inviting more people to meet & discuss ideas
    • • Increasing communication to other team members
  • The Evaluation and Goal Setting Meeting

    The supervisor and employee will now meet to discuss the current evaluation. They should meet in an atmosphere that is both private and free of interruptions, and the supervisor should take particular care to make the meeting a priority. There should be an open and honest exchange where each is permitted to state his or her opinion regarding the answer to any section.
  • Progress on Current Goals: