Sun City Fire Medical Dept
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SCFMD Engineer Evaluation

  • Employee Rating

    Engineer Evaluations will be completed by the Engineer in July of each year using the Scoring Matrix. The evaluation will be sent to the Engineer’s Officer (Capt.). The Officer and the Engineer will meet to review and discuss the scoring of each question. After reviewing the completed form, the Engineer, with the Officer’s assistance, will establish goals for the rest of the year and document them in the appropriate location. Both parties will sign the form in the July section. The Officer will retain the original and the Engineer will be provided a copy to refer to over the next nine months.
  • The employee’s knowledge and application of that knowledge as they perform their assigned duties and responsibilities both in the station and at emergency scenes.
  • Employee consistently performs job functions safely and in accordance with the department’s standard operating guidelines, rules, and regulations.
  • Employee consistently demonstrates leadership skills and performs their role in a constructive and professional manner and displays a commitment to the team concept.
  • Employee consistently completes daily duties, Apparatus check, reports, training, suppression and EMS functions thoroughly and completely.
  • Employee Consistently displays pride in the department and a positive attitude towards their work, colleagues, supervisors, and the public they serve. Employee maintains open communications and effectively works through conflicts.
  • Employee arrives at work in appropriate uniform, which is neat and clean. Employee’s gear is out and prepared at the beginning of the shift.
  • Employee consistently strives to improve skills and knowledge through continual education and training above and beyond the department required minimum standards. Employee maintains licenses and certifications.
  • Employee is self-motivated and self-directed. Employee consistently looks for productive things to do without supervision.
  • Employee clearly understands and consistently delivers outstanding customer service to the public we serve.
  • Consistently delivers quality internal customer service to the employees and members, while actively participating and supporting the District.