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About Us


We are updating many parts of our website. We strive to have an interactive and progressive website for the members of our community and beyond, as well as the members of our department.

Here you will find information about the operations of the department, the services we provide, and ways you can help support our mission – "We serve today to protect your tomorrow."

The Sun City Fire District dba Sun City Fire and Medical Department was established in 1966, as the new retirement community of Sun City was established. The District provides fire and emergency medical services for the communities of Sun City, the Town of Youngtown, and Citrus Point .

The Fire Department has grown to include 3 fire stations, an administrative headquarters, seven pieces of apparatus, six ambulances and two command vehicles, to cover the first due area of 17 square miles and a population of over 47,000 people. The department employs over 100 fire prevention, suppression, EMS, investigation, administration, and maintenance personnel; daily emergency response consists of 29 employees. The department's prevention force is also augmented by approximately 10 volunteer fire inspectors, public education specialists and receptionists.

On January 10, 1990 the Sun City Fire Department joined a consortium of fire departments and entered into an automatic aid program with Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, Tolleson, Laveen and Daisy Mountain. Since that day, the closest and most-appropriate firefighters are dispatched to the emergency regardless of jurisdictional considerations. The basic principle for automatic aid is that all jurisdictional boundaries are erased. The automatic aid system is why you might see one or more fire trucks from one or more cities or fire districts arrive at your emergency. The Automatic Aid Consortium, commonly referred to as the Automatic Aid, is comprised of over 20 cities and fire districts that provide emergency services for an area of over 2,000 square miles throughout the Phoenix Valley.

The delivery of fire protection, special operations, and emergency medical services in the Phoenix Valley is a model for intergovernmental cooperation, efficiency, and customer service. Automatic Aid, the system that provides the customer with the fastest response to their emergency, has been working daily in the Valley for over thirty years. Automatic Aid is considered the "Gold Standard" of emergency service delivery systems.

Staffing levels, equipment, and water supplies have resulted in an improved Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating. Insurance Services Office (ISO), has a system for determining the price of fire insurance in a community through a 1 to 10 classification system. Sun City Fire District’s business owners and residents enjoy a Class 2 fire insurance rating that was awarded in 2018.