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Lock Box Program

The Sun City Fire and Medical Department has a special lock box available to residents in our community which serves as a security box that would be used for an emergency situation where the resident is unable to get to the door to allow personnel in to assist. The box itself is a sturdy steel box that has a locking faceplate on the front of it. This box is mounted to your home site in a specific location so that if a resident has a medical emergency, the Fire Department could immediately use the keys locked inside of the box rather than causing damage to your home.

Due to every second counting during a medical emergency, it is vital that the fire personnel is able to gain access to the home rather than having to break down a door or try looking for someone with a key. Since emergency situations are not planned for certain times of the day, or when a neighbor is home with a key, the resident can be assured of quick and efficient service with no damage to the home itself.

There are thousands of emergency medical lock boxes installed on homes in Sun City. If you are a resident interested in having a lock box installed, a duplicate of your house keys will need to be made in advance (by the resident) before scheduling the appointment. The cost for this device is $70.00 payable to The Sun City Fire and Medical Department. Please call the administration office at 623-974-2321 during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) to schedule an installation appointment or click the link below to get started. Appointments will be made on a block schedule basis.

The Sun City Community Assistance Network offers assistance in paying for the box if you meet the qualifications. Contact them at 623-933-7530 to get approved prior to scheduling a lock box installation.