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Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

To Professionally Protect, Prevent, and Educate by:
• Providing professional emergency fire, rescue, and medical services;
• Preventing fires before they start through an aggressive inspection program; and,
• Providing programs that educate and inform the public on fire safety and health matters.
We serve today to protect your tomorrow.

Our Organizational Values

  • To preserve the integrity, respect and personal honor of our members and the District;
  • To maintain ethical standards of conduct;
  • To obey the law;
  • To develop good business relationships with the customers we serve;
  • To pursue self-development, including the development of one’s ability to improve their living and working conditions;
  • To increase the knowledge and enlarge the experience of each member of the District; To support the interests, safety and welfare of our fellow human beings as persons of equal value;
  • To provide a fellowship and loyalty which promotes the common good of all; and,
  • To provide for the economic welfare of the District’s employees.