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Ambulance Transport

Sun City Fire & Medical Ambulance Service

The Sun City Fire & Medical Department launched the EMS Ambulance Division of our department in early October 2017. The department currently owns and operates four ambulances exclusively dedicated to the Sun City Fire District under the licensing granted by the Arizona Department of Health Services. (CON145)

FAQs when calling for an Medical Emergency & Medical Transportation

  • When you dial 911 for a medical emergency, the closest available fire truck responds, regardless of what city it represents. It is very possible to have a fire truck from Peoria or Surprise  Fire Department arrive if that truck is the closest to your emergency.
  • All Emergency medical care is professionally provided by State Licensed Medical Paramedics and EMTs.
  • If emergency medical transport is necessary, you may receive a Sun City Fire & Medical ambulance or an ambulance operated by a private company. This will be determined by closest appropriate responding unit and the severity of the call.
  • Sun City Fire & Medical does not charge our patients for its fire or emergency medical response. However, there is a charge for emergency medical transportation.
  • Most insurance companies (Medicare-Medicaid-Private Health Insurance) typically cover the charges for emergency medical transportation.
  • No one will ever be denied medical care or medical transport regardless of insurance coverage or their ability to pay.

For all Ambulance billing questions please contact:
       MARS AMB Billing Customer Service: +1(800) 273-2330