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Fire Prevention

The Sun City Fire Prevention Bureau enjoys one of the lowest fire losses for commercial and residential buildings in the nation for a city its size and age. The Fire Prevention Bureau is directed by Fire Marshal Jim Fox.

A Fire Department by its purpose, is largely Reactionary in nature.  Think about it, we react when people call us.  We react to fires, we react to medical emergencies, we react to auto accidents.  The Proactive arm of the Fire Department is Fire Prevention.  We proactively do inspections and correct code violations to prevent or reduce the necessary reactive response to emergencies.  This provides protection to the public and our firefighters.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is divided into four divisions: Inspections/Code Enforcement, Investigations, Community Outreach, and Public Education. The goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to provide information, training, and inspections to the Sun City Fire District. We believe that an informed, educated public will be better prepared to act in case of an emergency and will have an impact in lessening the frequency of these situations.