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Construction Permit

Construction permits are required for all new construction and remodels. Construction permits are based on mandatory Fire, Building, Mechanical, and Electrical codes within the Town of Youngtown or Maricopa County, depending on where the project is located.

Because Sun City is not a “City”, but a county community, The Sun City Fire District issues permits and performs inspections on all construction activities in the area of Fire and Life Safety.  

Below are some examples of the following disciplines that are permitted and inspected by Sun City Fire District as well as Maricopa County or Town of Youngtown:


  • Final Inspection (Required by jurisdiction for Certificate of Occupancy)
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler Underground
  • Fire Line Flush
  • Fire Sprinkler System Pressure Test
  • Fire Sprinkler System Rough Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler System Final
  • Alternate Fire Suppression System and Commercial Hoods
  • Fire Alarm Inspection/Test
  • Preliminary Inspection
  • Inspection Fire Pump Start Up
  • Fire Lane/Access Inspections
  • Fire Hydrant Flow Test/Water Main Extension
  • Standpipes


  • Any Rated Wall assemblies
  • Exit path compliance
  • Fire Protection construction
  • Rough Wall
  • Above Ceiling
  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • Multi-story buildings 
  • Site Inspections
  • New Occupancies


  • Fire Dampers
  • Duct Detectors/Unit Shutdown


  • All Electrical Systems