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Operational Permit

Operational permits are specifically identified in the Fire Code and are required for conducting an operation, a business or event; or pertaining to processes and materials used on a regular basis. In most cases, Operational Permits must be renewed annually or for a prescribed period. In either case, a renewal fee must be provided, and an on-site inspection will be performed.

All state licensed facilities must obtain Operational Permits. Those facilities include hospitals, assisted living facilities, medical and behavioral health facilities, commercial day care centers and juvenile and foster group homes.

Operational permits are typically considered annual permits that are effective for 12 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated on the permit). Once you have a permit in place, we will automatically contact you to renew it in subsequent years. Please contact us if there are any changes that would affect the status of your permit.

Our goal is to create a safer community and reduce the impact of fire, loss and injury through fire engineering, fire inspections, pre-planning, education and fire code enforcement. We work to create a partnership with business and property owners.  By working cooperatively, we can find solutions and create a safe environment to work and play.

Below are some examples of Operational Permits inspections Performed:

  • State Licensed Facilities
  • Assembly Occupancies
  • Tents and Membrane Structures
  • Hazardous Materials
  • LPG Tank Refills/Cylinder Exchange Stations
  • CO2 Storage/Dispensing systems
  • Fireworks/Pyrotechnic Displays/Sales
  • Battery/Energy Storage Facilities
  • Special Events

Site plans and aerial photographs of any special events, tents/canopies, seasonal sales and fireworks displays shall be required.